The area around Orehovo village is rich of natural and historical sightseeings:

  • Wonderful Bridges - 28.1 km
  • The Cross Forest (Krastova Gora) - 48.7 кm
  • Bachkovo Monastery - 30.2 кm
  • Asen's Fortress (Asenova krepost) - 40.6 кm
  • Rozhen Observatory - 42.6 кm
  • Waterfall situated in the "Duplevo" place, 0,5 km west from the village. Rock gorge along Oreshitza river.
  • Bone Stone Rock - a huge rock reminding of a wall over which is growing a century-old spruce forest, located 4 km southwest from the village. There is a natural waterfall over a big rock recess. The water falls from 30 m conferring greatness to the place. It is connected with the rocky canyon "Koylovo dere", declared a natural sightseeing. The legend says that the local Christians, refusing to convert to Islam, have been thrown from the edge of the abyss. The foot of the rock has been covered with human bones, whence comes the name of the place.
  • "Vaklite dupki" is situated 7 km south from the village and 2 km south from the "Kabata" place. This is an eroded hillside with natural stone caverns covered with calcites. These amazing caverns are announced a natural phenomenon.
  • In "Cheleveshka" Cave during the Ottoman slavery was ignated and killed the majority of the village population.

Orehovo is also known with the Rhodopian peak Golyam Persenk elevating on 2091 m above the sea level, and the Roman road built over an ancient Thracian road, whose stone flooring is preserved intact to this day. Nearby is the natural phenomenon Wonderful Bridges - formed by a river that has carved the walls and the vault of a deep cave.

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